Technology is quickly changing the traditional job description of office receptionists as “auto attendant” menus begin to route incoming calls in lieu of live receptionists at some organizations, while fully virtual receptionists can provide remote answering services from afar. However, for offices who want to maintain a welcoming human face at the front desk while still being technology-forward, cloud-based phone systems can improve office communications workflows by providing efficient call management and tracking functionality via an integrated web-based interface.

Because cloud-based (VoIP) phone systems use the Internet to make calls and utilizes offsite servers in the cloud to store data, the technology is capable of tracking and managing calls and contact directories in a web-based console. If you are thinking of switching to VoIP or already have a VoIP system but not receptionist capabilities, be sure to ask your service provider if they offer one.

Here are 5 features of a web-based receptionist console that can help modernize front desk receptionist processes:

Assured Availability

  • With a web-based console, your receptionist can sign in on a PC from anywhere that has a broadband connection to manage and route calls. This frees your receptionist from the front desk, which means that your receptionist can take advantage of the remote work trend just as easily as your other employees.

Better Call Control

  • Manage and screen inbound calls from a single interface with call management features such as answer, dial, hold, conference, and transfer. Drag and drop call transfer is a big timesaver that lets your receptionist transfer calls at the click of a mouse without dealing with codes and extensions.

Easy Directory Management

  • Let your receptionist manage administrative directory management tasks with ease by creating and organizing multiple directories from the computer rather than through phone buttons. Your receptionist can quickly set and reorder speed dial contacts and take advantage of easy keyword search to quickly find needed contacts as well as add reminder notes (ex. “Don’t call on Monday mornings until 10 am”) to any contact in the directory.

Improved, Centralized Call Logging

  • Your receptionist can access a complete call history log of all outgoing, received and missed calls, which makes follow-up a quick and simple task.

Real-time Information

  • Your receptionist has a quick view into the real-time status of all phone lines, making it easy to route calls appropriately at the click of a button.

Get Your Office Receptionist Set up With a VoIP Receptionist Web Client

Looking to implement a VoIP phone system and not sure where to start? Trying to modernize your front desk receptionist processes? Allied Telecom can help, learn more about our AllCloud voice solutions here.