Scalable Data Connectivity

In today’s cloud intensive and Internet-enabled world,
network connectivity must meet the ever growing demands of your business.

Complicated networking is a thing of the past. Allied’s data connectivity solutions allows your business to connect between locations, data centers and disaster recovery sites with a highly scalable and secure network infrastructure.

Streamline your network connectivity for on-demand access to your data, wherever it may live. Grow your business with our data connectivity solutions — while maintaining speed and security, even as your network demands increase.

Allied Data Connectivity Services

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Data Connectivity Solutions

Data and Network Connectivity Solutions in Washington DC

Dynamic Ethernet Access

Fully integrate all Internet, private data, voice and Unified Communications platform traffic securely with one investment in a single, high capacity connection.

  • One high capacity connection: 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Metro Ethernet Last Mile Access
  • DIA, PTP, Public and Private cloud access versatility

Ethernet Exchange Network

Take advantage of the lowest latency possible and connect multiple offices and cloud computing data centers. Our Ethernet network services provide seamless and scalable connections with the lowest latency and highest possible speeds.

  • Point-to-Point ethernet and Multipoint ethernet options
  • Fully meshed Ethernet Local Area Networks (E-LAN)
  • Point-to-POP to any on-net data center
  • Sub 5 Ms on-net roundtrip latency
Business Data connectivity alternative to Verizon

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