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Billing FAQs

Where can we find a copy of Allied’s latest W9?

Clients can download our latest W9 Form here.

What are your NET terms?

Allied utilizes NET 30 for all of our clients.

What methods of payments are accepted by Allied?

Allied accepts the following methods of payment:

Where can I find a copy of my invoice?

A copy of all of your bills can be found in the Allied Bill Center at https://alliedtelecom.billcenter.net/.

Please note: you have to create your login information in order to access the Allied Bill Center. This information was sent to you along with your first bill through our new system.

How do I set up my Allied Bill Center account?

Download instructions for setting up your Allied Bill Center account at https://www2.alliedtelecom.net/billing-portal-download-guide and email billing@alliedtelecom.net for your account number and registration code.

Billing Fee Definitions

Cost Recovery Fee5.45%The Cost Recovery Fee is a fee that Allied charges in order to recover various costs and expenses that the company incurs, including but not limited to and in connection with: various costs and expenses that Allied incurs in connection with complying with legal, regulatory, and other requirements, including and without limitation; Federal, state, local and municipal reporting and filing requirements; reporting and managing payments to Allied third party telecommunications service providers; responding to subpoenas, civil investigation demands, and otherwise assisting with official investigations.
Administrative Recovery Fee
1.5%The Administrative Recovery Fee is a fee Allied charges to customers in order to recover various costs associated with service fees charged to it by its platform providers, including but not limited to account maintenance fees, processing fees, and recurring end-user subscriber charge associated with general account servicing and administration.
Federal Cost Recovery Fee
2.5%The Federal Cost Recovery Fee is charged by all telephone and VoIP companies, including Allied, that provide interstate service to recover costs imposed on them by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to support the operations of the FCC programs similar to those that make phone service accessible to all individuals, including those with certain disabilities including but not limited to individuals who are hearing impaired or speech disabled, the North American Numbering Plan administration, costs associated with local number portability, and other like or similar programs.