Ask us anything and we’ll be happy to answer! Here are a few of the questions we get asked the most.

How long have you been providing services?

Allied has provided Internet and data transport solutions to businesses since 1996. We added cloud communication solutions to our portfolio six years ago. With a strong technical foundation focused on innovation, Allied was the first provider in the DC Metro area to offer Ethernet in the First Mile, introduce DSL to the business community, and provide high speed DSL 5MB and above.

What services do you provide?

Allied provides Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions and cloud-based voice (VoIP/hosted PBX), primary and backup business Internet access, IP PRI and SIP trunking, metro ethernet, and private networking services.

If I only need voice services and already have a data provider, can you still provide VoIP services?

Absolutely we can. Contact our team at 202.349.0408 so we can discuss your service needs.

Do you provide television services?


What markets do you service?

DC Metro and Baltimore Metro regions.

What size of businesses do you service?

We provide services for all industries and business sizes, from small shops to enterprise, multi-location organizations.

Where are your headquarters?

Allied is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

Do you offer residential services?

Allied does not provide residential services.

How can I tell if I qualify for your services?

To confirm availability, please contact our team at 202.349.0408.

How long does it take to get my business connected?

If your company is located in an Allied “Lit” building, we can sometimes provide same day service. Other solutions can be delivered in 15 days or less. To determine your building's availability, please contact our team at 202.349.0408.

Do you offer a month to month subscription?

We offer termed services; contact our team at 202.349.0408 at to find out what options are available to you.

Does Allied accept new partners for channel and wholesale?

Yes, we are always looking to grow our channel and wholesale partner network. Contact our team at or 202.349.0480.

Do you work with building owners?

Yes, we are happy to build relationships with building owners and managers. Contact our team at 202.349.0408.

How do I apply for a job at Allied?

Visit our Careers page and apply online!