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Cloud Phone System. Cloud-Based PBX. UC&C. UCaaS. Hosted VoIP.

No matter what you call it, cloud-based Unified Communications platforms are critical to your success in today’s hyper-connected, increasingly virtual world. As the workforce evolves, so do employees’ expectations of being able to work anywhere, anytime and on any device.

The ability to provide your employees with the tools they need to communicate effectively and work remotely, while enjoying the benefits of enhanced productivity and reduced interruptions makes a Unified Communications platform a “must” for any modern business.

How AllCloud UC&C Solves Your Business Issues

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Empower Your Workforce With the Right Resources

At Allied, we understand that employees strive to stay productive and feel connected to their teammates, all while they juggle child care, elder care, and other aspects of a likely long-lasting remote work environment. As decision-makers, you want frictionless solutions to empower your employees with the reliable, secure connections they need, when they need them.… Continue Reading about Empower Your Workforce With the Right Resources

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Is Video the New Voice?

Business continuity To me, Business continuity used to mean preparing your business infrastructure and staff for the occasional down internet connection or an unpredicted snow day to allow for remote work on a temporary basis. There are always a million “what if” or “if this happens, then what” questions to answer. Cloud has made the… Continue Reading about Is Video the New Voice?

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Protecting against malicious content with AllCloud Collaborate

With the dramatic increase in telework and the associated use of collaboration tools due to COVID-19, there has been a surge in exploits against commonly used video conferencing systems. Known as “Zoombombing”, a name based on the most commonly exploited service, these attacks have grown to become a very real problem and as you may… Continue Reading about Protecting against malicious content with AllCloud Collaborate

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