In September 2024, we’re enriching your meetings experience in a space. With these new enhancements, when you join or schedule a meeting in a space, you have access to the features you’ve come to enjoy in Webex Meetings. You can leverage this new experience in every meeting you schedule or join from here on in.

A new meetings experience has arrived.

Enjoy everything you love about AllCloud Voice with Webex but with new capabilities in meetings.

  • Animated Reactions & Hand Gestures. Let participants express themselves without saying anything! Cheer on the speaker with clapping hands, laugh at a joke, raise your hand or give a thumbs up, so many options to choose from!
  • Floor Control: Mute on Entry, Mute One, Mute All. Prevent unwanted noise in your meeting. Multiple options to make sure each meeting has the right audio engagement from the participants without distractions!
  • Local Recording. Record meetings for people who can’t attend or to refer back to what was discussed.
  • Embedded Apps. Use apps to take your meetings to the next level. Use Slido for live polling or a Shared Timer to keep to your schedule. With hundreds of apps to choose from the possibilities are endless

How do I know if these new features apply to me?

This upgrade will apply to any AllCloud Voice with Webex app user who has access to the messaging features of their Webex app. This upgrade will only affect meetings within Spaces. It will not affect your regular Webex meetings or Personal Meeting Room meetings.

How can I prepare for my upgrade?

There is only one action you can take to prepare for the upgrade:

  1. Take note of your scheduled and recurring space meetings as you will need to reschedule to create new unique meeting links!

What’s Changed?

Before this release, your experience in a meeting associated with a space was tied to who created the space (known as the meeting sponsor). We’ve removed the concept of meeting sponsorship. Now, only the host’s license determines the meeting capabilities.

Capabilities Classic meetings associated with a space Enhanced meetings associated with a space
Meeting ID and URL Static—one meeting at a time. Dynamic—multiple meetings at a time.
Hosts Everyone in the space is a host. Only people internal to the organization can be a host.
Cohosts Everyone in the space is a cohost. People internal to the organization are automatically made cohosts during scheduling. They just need an account with host privileges on the site where the meeting is scheduled from.

External members of the space can only be made hosts or cohosts after the meeting starts.

Scheduling Anyone in the space can schedule a meeting.

When you schedule a meeting, anyone in the space, whether they’re invited or not, can join automatically. You don’t have to let them in.

Only people internal to the organization can schedule a meeting.

When you schedule a meeting, only the people you’ve invited are able to join automatically. Uninvited members of the space must wait in the lobby.

Meeting scheduler Desktop—Choose the in-app scheduler or third-party calendar app, such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

Mobile—Copy the meeting information and paste it into a third-party calendar.

Desktop—Choose the in-app scheduler or third-party calendar app, such as Microsoft Outlook (Windows only) or Google Calendar.

Mobile—Use the in-app scheduler.

Instant meetings Anyone in the space can use the Meet button. Anyone in the space can use the Meet button.

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