The Washington Business Journal called on area business leaders to give their outlook on AI and how it’s transforming the workplace. Though the landscape of AI tools continues to expand and evolve, Allied Telecom Group Chief Executive Officer Trey Webb believes that nothing can replace “complex human interaction…building deep, meaningful relationships, understanding complex human emotions or negotiating intricate deals.”

Webb went on to say, “Thank of a sports agent for example. Negotiating an athlete’s choice of team and salary. These decisions cater to the whims of the athlete, his family, the team’s needs, their compensation preferences and involve a lot of humans with a lot of emotions that are constantly shifting.” He emphasized that bots help ease the technical and logical workload of employees, but aren’t a suitable replacement for humans. “Where the real value in AI is currently: doing more rather than employing less.”

Known as the ‘save the day’ service provider, Allied prides itself on incredible personal client care and creative problem-solving. Customer service like that can only come from good people.

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