No matter where you work, noisy environments are tough to avoid. The trend for open office layouts often leads to loud, distracting work environments that lack privacy. In research by Cornell University, 74% of employees say they face “many” instances of disturbances and distractions from noise. Office noise pollution is the cumulative effect of chatty coworkers, ambient noise like the air conditioner, and the bustle of business activities such as typing, talking on the phone, watching videos, and printing. It’s not just a problem for cubicle workers – remote workers in home offices may also deal with intruding sounds such as the neighbor’s lawnmower or barking dogs.

So what’s to be done when you have an important business call to make, but find yourself raising your voice to compete with background noise to be heard? It’s time to meet the acoustic fence feature on Polycom VVX IP business phones.

Meet Acoustic Fence Technology from Polycom

Here at Allied, our AllCloud Unified Communications platform offers the ability to greatly reduce background noise on your calls using Polycom’s acoustic fence technology. In the video below, the UC Professor demonstrates how acoustic fence technology works on Polycom’s IP business phones to enable you to be heard clearly on business calls.

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