Allied Telecom, the DC-based operator of the region’s newest and fastest broadband network easily withstood the impact of several natural disasters during August and September. Within a few weeks timeframe, the Mid-Atlantic business community was hit with Hurricane Irene, a 5.9 magnitude earthquake, and several flash floods. These events caused catastrophic damage and widespread power outages along the east coast. Allied Telecom’s Optical Transport Network (OTN) did not skip a beat during these severe weather conditions, with zero service interruptions reported.

Allied’s disaster prevention planning includes rigorous testing of its network equipment, fiber optic cables and power systems. According to Glen Carter, Allied’s Vice President of Engineering and Operations, “In such conditions, it is not only the infrastructure that can be impacted, but, also the support resources. If the Network Operations Center (NOC) is impacted, and support staff cannot report to the NOC, they can’t take calls or troubleshoot issues. We immediately enabled our Virtual Network Operations Center as a contingency to proactively address this concern. Additionally, we tested our core infrastructure to address possible vulnerabilities across our network. I am proud of the resiliency of our infrastructure and the precautionary measures taken by our personnel during these conditions.”

Allied continues to make significant investments into its network infrastructure and personnel to maintain its promise of uptime and reliability. Allied recently upgraded its regional core fiber ring to support 400+ Gbps of data transmission, integrated several new cloud/data centers onto the new ring, and added additional engineers to provide enhanced customer support at its NOC.

Allied Telecom is the region’s most highly regarded and respected network service provider. Allied serves the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Corridor as a single-source provider of Internet, Data Transport and Voice services. Allied supports businesses, non-profits and public sector organizations. For over 20 years, Allied Telecom has been distinguished by its exceptional, full service care that it provides to every client.
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