10 Habits of Companies That Collaborate Effectively


“Silos” and “tribes” are both terms to describe groups within an organization who become insular in their thinking, behavior, and processes. Such functional separation is detrimental to cross-company productivity and a positive corporate culture. So, how can you overcome organizational silos and promote collaboration? Collaboration is not just a set of tools – it’s a […]

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The Unexpected Costs of Your Avaya Phone

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Your Avaya phone system recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection…  now what? It’s time to say hello to better team communications on the cloud. Let Allied’s free resources below teach you why, how and when to leave your premise-based Avaya  system behind. 1. Unexpected Costs of Your Avaya Phone [Infographic] Your team could be […]

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The Lowdown on e911 for Business VoIP Phone Systems

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Here in the U.S. we’ve been taught since childhood to dial nine-one-one in an emergency situation, and most of us take it for granted that emergency response teams can locate and reach us quickly. Below, we review the various ways that emergency services locate callers – and what you can do to ensure your VoIP […]

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5 Precautions to Prevent Voicemail System Hacking

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As our dependence on technology grows, cyber risk is becoming an ever-increasing anxiety for businesses. There are thousands of ways that bad people can breach, hack and attack business technology systems, exploiting technological weakness to commit fraudulent and malicious activity.  Phone systems are no exception and they have one particular area that is notoriously vulnerable […]

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Conference Calling Common Courtesy

As remote work gains traction in the workplace, reliance on conference calling technology is steadily rising as a way to connect with colleagues from afar. However, just because conference calls are virtual, doesn’t mean that all meeting etiquette is off the table! There are ways to ensure that you are being courteous and optimizing everyone’s […]

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