Your Avaya phone system recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection…  and you might be wondering, now what? It’s time to say hello to better team communications in the cloud.

Let Allied’s free resources below teach you why, how and when to leave your premise-based Avaya phone system behind.

1. Unexpected Costs of Your Avaya Phone [Infographic]

Your team could be wasting up to 30% of their time by doing their work on aging, outdated phone, web collaboration, and videoconferencing tools. Don’t let poor communication lead to lost employee productivity any longer.

Download our infographic to unveil what other hidden costs are lurking with your Avaya phone system.

2. Is it Time to Leave your Avaya Phone System? [eBook]

As employees leave Avaya, your server updates and other fees might start to soar. Moving to cloud communications can help you avoid those costs. But first, you’ll need to know:

– What are your contract’s exit clauses?
– When will your next server upgrade take effect?
– And so much more.

Download our eBook to find out the 7 questions you should ask yourself before your business upgrades to the cloud’s best-in-class suite of voice and video communication tools.

What Now?

If you think it’s time to move on from your premise-based Avaya phone system into the cloud, our experts are waiting to match your business’s unique needs with the right set of cloud communication tools. Contact Allied at or 202.349.0408 today!