You shouldn’t have to waste your time on hold with your ISP.

Our support team answers in 60 seconds or less… and THAT’S why we’re the best kept secret in the DC Metro Area.

“Nobody is happy with their telecom provider today.”

You probably agree with that statement if you’ve dealt with the frustrations of:

  • Internet outages that interrupt the work day and keep your business offline
  • Too much time spent on hold trying to reach support when you need it
  • Feeling the stress of being caught between your boss and your ISP’s impersonal call center
  • Juggling multiple contracts from different vendors for voice and data

Allied Telecom's Support Team honored with Gold Stevie for "Customer Service Department of the Year."Well, there is another option! We call ourselves DC’s “best kept secret” because although Allied may not have the name recognition of the big carriers, we offer the professional, reliable Internet service, cloud phone systems, and data solutions – backed by over 22 years of local expertise and award-winning support – that your business needs to stay connected.


9 Things You Get with Allied’s Service

Not All Business Internet Is Created Equal

Customer TargetBoth residential and business customersBusiness customers needing higher service quality
Upstream/Downstream Speeds“Asynchronous” (e.g. 50 MB down / 10 MB up)… translation: limited bandwidth*“Synchronous” (e.g. 50 MB down / 50 MB up)
Service Sharing Service is shared across an entire neighborhood (or neighborhoods). As number of simultaneous users increases, service performance decreasesService is dedicated to a single customer; overall performance is more predictable
Speed GuaranteeNo speed guarantee; only “up to” advertised speedService sold at rated speed, rather than an “up to” speed
CostLess expensive, less reliableSlightly more expensive, far more reliable
Performance GuaranteeService performance is not guaranteedService performance is guaranteed and backed up by a Service Level Agreement
Speed LimitsService speeds are typically limited*Service speeds are virtually unlimited; 1MB to 10GB and beyond
Support Large, nationally-dispersed call centers with automated attendants and long hold timesLive, local Network Operations Center – you’ll be talking to a person within 60 seconds of calling in

*Verizon Fios is exception